Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Manic Monday to Keep Mum About

Today has been truly manic, but it is in my best interest to keep mum about the maniacal goings-on. Suffice it to say I need, covet and appreciate all prayers from those that pray and good thoughts from those that don't that my situations will be resolved neatly and quickly. Yes, situationS. There are a lot of things on my wonky-manic-plate, and frankly, I'd like the plate to be clean. It would take *way* too much space to go into detail about everything, and really it all just boils down to me having a better attitude and being a better Christian.

'nuff said.


On the upside, we went shopping for


today! Each year, we do a box for a child that is the same age and gender of each of our children. We let the kids choose a few specific things for their friends like a toy or two and a shirt to add in to the generic stuff like a toothbrush, bar of soap, and candy.

Bethy and I went alone today before school got out. She chose a baby doll set and a Pooh shirt for her friend, as well as some baby toothpaste and a Pooh package of wipes for bathtime. She kept saying, "I put in bag for my friend?" I loved it.

Sarah chose a Polly Pocket set, a Littlest Pet Shop set, and a tee for her friend. She picked the same yellow shirt that she got for her birthday so that they could be "twin friends, wherever she is." I thought that was incredibly sweet and cute. It has a little girl drawn on it dancing, and there's a cat sitting next to her.

Brandon got his buddy a set of 5 Hot Wheels crazy cars, a slinky, a set of jacks, and a big bouncy ball. We found a Spiderman shirt and shorts set on clearance, which he was excited about.


Now I just have to figure out how to fit everything into the shoe boxes!

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