Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Manic Columday

My Google Calendar for this week looks like an abstract splatter painting. The kids were out of school today. One would think that would mean "Day to Laze About," right? Ha!

And again I say:HA!
A peek into my life today:

2:30 AM: Bethy finally goes to sleep after awaking at 10pm after crashing at 6pm after refusing to take a nap all day Sunday.

7:00 am: Wake up for unknown reason and continue to toss and turn until I'm just about back to sleep good, when at

8:30 am: Sarah wakes me up with her usual "I'm hungry." Thankfully, Michael gets up with her.

9:30 am: I get up and take a shower and get ready to go to my MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) playdate with all three kids.

10:30 am: Leave the house 30 minutes late for the playdate, three excited kids in tow. Sarah remarks on the smell in the back seat. I recoil in horror when I go to the van door and am attacked by aforementioned odoriferous beast.

12:00 pm: Leave the Nature Preserve after 1.5 hours of playing, picture-taking, light lunch and Momtalk. Head home and clean out the car quickly, discovering a decomposed (I'm talking black, dried and shriveled up) banana under Sarah's seat, before

12:50 pm: I head to Quitman to meet the Registered Dietitian at WIC (Women, Infants, Children) to discuss Bethy's lack of weight-gain.

1:10 pm: Arrive late for appointment, discuss strategy for getting food in child, realize that the doctor didn't fax the prescriptions she was supposed to, admire new breastfeeding support giveaway backpack, receive one anyway because the worker loves me and knows I've breastfed for over three years of my life. (SCORE!) Head to the store to get tea for the Sanity of the Parents and 350-calorie per 8-ounce serving strawberry-flavored nutritional drink for Bethy.

3:10 pm: Arrive home; unload car and get to turn on the computer to check for urgent/important e-mails before

4:00 pm: Brandon's eye exam. He cries when the nurse describes the optomap exam because he doesn't realize the pictures he sees are not taken by poking around his eye. He thinks there will be prodding and pain involved. We assure him there's not, then he gets excited and tries to win $100 by not blinking when they puff the air at his eyes (he didn't win). We go through the exam fine - he thinks it's cool when he sees the veins in his eyes while doing the light test. Diagnosis: nearsightedness, right eye worse than left eye. He will have glasses by the end of the week.

5:18 pm: Leave the eye doctor to head for parent conference/report card pick-up that was scheduled for 5:00. Told Bethy is asleep. Get to the school to wait while teacher finishes one conference, then does another that was already waiting.

5:44 pm: Finally get into conference. Discover that Brandon is 2 years and 3 months ahead of grade level (he's in third grade) in reading and about a year ahead in math. His teacher is recommending him for Gifted and Talented and tells me that I have a lot of work ahead of me to keep up with him. No kidding.

6:03 pm: Call Sarah's campus to tell them I'm on my way to the appointment with her teacher that was scheduled for 5:30. Arrive and am told by her Kindergarten teacher, "She knows it all." I beg her not to ever say that out loud. Sarah knows everything they've covered already this year and "a whole lot more." She's a whiz at rhyming and will most likely be a helper when they cover it more in-depth later in the year. Conclusion: I've got two brains running around my house that get the utmost glee from bantering, "You Dum-Dum!"

6:30 pm: Get home, go outside and bleach the basket that goes in my car between the seats while I call my mom to update her on eye exam and grades.

8:00 pm: I start this post. Bethy wakes up. Michael and I hope aloud that maybe she'll go to bed at midnight tonight since she got up at 8 instead of 10.

9:30 pm: Bethy is lying on the couch sucking her thumb and watching Pooh as I write this post. Strike that, she just got up to play with stacking rings. I hope I'll get to go to bed before tomorrow.

Somehow, I don't think today's itinerary allows for that.

10:30 pm: Bethy has fallen asleep. I'm working on graphics work for a client.

It is now 12:55 am Tuesday morning. I have a Parent-Teacher Partnership meeting at 8:45 am and I still have to type the minutes up from last month's meeting. I'm going to bed now. There's only one word for this:Oy

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