Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Manic Life

I just realized I haven't posted anything since the 16th. For those that might not know, our youngest child has not been gaining weight and has some other issues so we've been going to lots of doctors' appointments to get lots of tests done to figure out why she's not growing. I thought I'd post the process so I can keep track of it and you can get a peek into why I've been having anxiety attacks again.

no weight gain
short stature
lazy eyes
feet turning in

So far here's what's been done:
visit: general practitioner
test: 3 vials blood drawn
results: anemia, low something i can't remember
action: begin "complete" vitamins (with iron)

visit: geneticist
test: 5 vials blood drawn for chromosomal tests, metabolic tests, protein test and something else i can't remember
results: all returned normal/negative for problems
action: sweat test for cystic fibrosis

visit: orthopedist
test: x-ray taken from hip to foot
results: normal growth, growth arrest lines present on both ends of tibia and bottom of femur
action: await genetic results for possible explanation of growth arrest lines; feet revisited at 4.5 years, hips revisited at 9-9.5 years

visit: hospital
test: sweat test for cystic fibrosis
results: normal/negative for cystic fibrosis
action: report results to general practitioner

All this is above and beyond the WIC appointments and Early Childhood Intervention visits. I'll clean this up and add more later - it's 1am and I'm tired.

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Renae said...

I can only imagine the roller coaster you are on right now. May the Lord give you peace in the midst of this storm. We will be praying for you and your little one.

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