Wednesday, September 16, 2009

NHTSA's Child Passenger Safety Twitter Party - Take 2

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Last week was the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Child Passenger Safety Week and Seat Check Saturday. Did you miss it and the Twitter party they had? Not to worry!

There will be another #ChildSeatSafety Q & A on
Thursday, September 17th from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. ET.

Officials from NHTSA will be on hand to answer any child passenger safety questions. Also, we want to see how much people have learned this week! We will be asking questions of the party-goers and ten correct answers will receive a prize.

Check out this statistic:

3 out of 4 carseats are not installed as they should be, putting children at risk.

Scary, ain't it?

What you can do:

  1. Attend the Twitter event and invite your followers to join you. For more information, please visit

  2. Share the Campaign: Use the links and social media tools below to share this campaign with your readers. Be sure to check out the seat check center locator as well as the installable widget and Facebook page.

LATCH landing page:

The following links are located on the landing page above:

Disclosure: Amy Lupold Bair, founder of Momfluence,
is acting on behalf of NHTSA's child passenger safety efforts.

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