Sunday, September 13, 2009

This Week's Twitter Blatherings

  • grocery shopping today and maybe sewing circle #

  • let's see if i can get out of the store before the after-church crowd descends... #

  • beat the after-church crowd, but came home with a massive headache... #

  • next on my @KidGlue soapbox? Barbie... #

  • taking my aching eyes to bed.... #

  • only half a day left - don't miss it! #

  • Question: How many Arcand girls does it take to polish off a dozen homemade blueberry muffins? Answer: 3 Status: yummo full happy! #

  • ok, these daily headaches (really, just one big, long headache that only waxes and wanes) are *really* getting on my nerves; i can't work! #

  • *ten minutes left* - don't miss it! #

  • rant written, auction ended, invoice sent, going to collapse in bed now... #

  • head hasn't been near as bad today; of course, i've also avoided the computer like the plague... #

  • just finished watching sisterhood of the traveling pants 2; never saw the first one; and now to write... #

  • got the outline of a post done - will have to finish it tomorrow... #

  • had a great breakfast with my MOPS group and my mom; going to try to balance comp and non-comp time today to keep the headache manageable #

  • oh, and just so you know, i *totally* #blamedrewscancer for this headache #

  • ok, it's a little freaky when the helicopter flies so low it casts a shadow over the window and vibrates my chair.... #

  • my godmother just dropped by with a gorgeous long-stemmed red rose for Good Neighbor Day - thanks, Aunt Sandi - love you! #

  • top 10 baby safety tips post finished for @KidGlue - will let you know when it's published; now to go to the Post Office... #

  • shipped bloomie's gift card and apron out; gotta get kiddos soon... #

  • WIN 500 business cards - 2 winners - last day to enter! pls RT #

  • Awesomely Amazing new space photos from Hubble released today #

  • only 2 hours left - WIN 500 business cards - 2 winners! pls RT #

  • trying to decide if i'll go to tyler tomorrow; feeling rather ambivalent about it at the moment... #

  • last 20 minutes - WIN 500 business cards - 2 winners! pls RT #

  • dragging to bed too late, as usual... #

  • went to chiropractor; adjusted my neck and said, "there's your headache;" here's hoping this thing goes away! #

  • Barbie girl? not this mom: #

  • twitter poll: what shall i sing for special music at church this weekend? #

  • mama's tired - going to bed... #

  • wearing a read shirt and blue jeans to celebrate Patriot Day - thanks to the heroes serving and remembering those sacrificed #9/11 #

  • a special Patriot Day TY to my hero husband @marcand 4 serving his country in the US Army; ur a hero 2 me whether u feel like it or not #

  • heading to Tyler #

  • for those of you wondering, i sang Be Thou My Vision a cappella this morning #

  • debating on whether or not i want to take a bath before i go to bed.... #

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