Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Week's Twitter Blatherings

  • tired, head hurts, gotta get groceries; just your typical sunday morning.... *sigh* #

  • y'know, some days there is no medicine that will help; i just need to go to bed for a long, long time... #

  • long nap; head still hurts; to the chiropractor tomorrow... #

  • financial planning - a necessary pain in the hindquarters... #

  • off to bed to sleep to the sounds of rain - bliss... #

  • it's raining; it's pouring; i wish i was snoring... #

  • time to pay the water bill and deliver lunches to kids... #

  • virtual meeting with @KidGlue editor @GermainLussier in a few; hoping i can get a few posts done around this stupid headache this week... #

  • mtg done; assignments noted; now to nap in the hopes of dulling the headache a bit so i can write a post this afternoon; wish me luck! #

  • just hit 800 facebook friends; considering some serious downsizing... #

  • pain seems to be settling into my left jaw; thinking it might time to have this tooth pulled; ugh... #

  • pound out a post then off to bed, i think; wait, gotta put together a bake sale order form; well, i'll go to bed at some point, i'm sure... #

  • piddle, got distracted by Mr Bingley's proposal on P&P and working on Sarah's scarf; oopsie... #

  • heading to bed soon; will have to do order form for bake sale in the morning, i think... #

  • considering education choices for my youngest = stress #

  • Respect&Manners via @digitaldads - great post abt importance of manners & *parents* teaching them to kids #

  • another reason why i LOVE @BrentSpiner: Q:Do you still consider yourself a Texan, or a Californian?A:--Always a Texan, pardner. #

  • help me with research, pls - what's your fav movie about step families? #

  • library day! #

  • new @ My Book Bliss: Weekend of Prayer and Fasting and Guest Post from Kay Marshall Strom: S.. #

  • Pampered Chef catalog show ending soon! list Crystal Arcand as your hostess & pls RT - thanks so much! #

  • oh, bliss! oh, heaven! i hear the rain falling! throw open the door; snuggle in bed, and listen to it pour! #

  • Pampered Chef catalog show ending soon! list Crystal Arcand as your hostess & pls RT - thanks so much! #

  • confused and agitated; hmm, sounds like i'm a dementia patient... #

  • taking bethy to walmart to get new pooh shoes; the ones that were on their 3rd kiddo finally fell apart... #

  • well, no pooh shoes in her size, so she got pink shiny/sparkly hearts #

  • is doing what's best for her baby #fb #

  • oh, bah! i'm going to bed! #

  • Leave your feedback on the changes to Twitter's TOS #

  • dear @marcand, hey, y'know what? i love you. that is all. love, me #fb #

  • wow, it was crazy right when we got home today; what's up with the kids? #

  • just so you know: i *really* hate having the hiccups #fb #

  • ppl will know i follow Christ by my daily actions, not by fwding your guilt-laced e-mail; do they need the e-mail to know about you? #fb #

  • paying bills and thanking God that He's provided for me to be able to do so; praying for my friend Jeff to find a job soon #fb #

  • finishing up a post about cheeseburger day for @KidGlue #

  • seeing this made me cry; thank you, @marcand; you are my hero in so many ways; i love you #

  • ladies and gentlemen, i give you... the cheeseburger day post @KidGlue: #

  • pot roast with carrots, onion, garlic, and red potatoes in two crockpots; beef hotdogs for lunch; it's a nommiful day #fb #

  • buses - quickly becoming the bane of my existence #

  • taking the roast over to my grandmother's house for dinner with the family - 4 generations under one roof! #

  • Meme pulled some rolls she had made from freezer and made us a chocolate meringue pie = southern foodie bliss! #

  • got slides done at praise team practice this week, so i'm taking the opportunity to go to bed early and sleep for about 11 hrs! #

  • Getting ready to see Comp Works of Wm Shakespeare w/ Mom #

  • Comp Shakespeare Works intermission hilarious-Titus Andronicus as a cooking show #

  • home from CSW - totally loved it - fantastic show #fb #

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