Monday, January 4, 2010

The boxes are coming; the boxes are coming!

disclaimer: not my laundry mountain - mine was bigger

The amount of clothing in my house has reached epic proportions and dizzying heights on my couch. In an attempt to regain my couch and my life back, and to stop my kids from complaining about not having any clothes to wear (despite the fact that when I go diving for clothes of my own I only seem to find theirs), I bought a 45-gallon (read "monstrously gargantuan") tote for each member of the family, and one for household textiles. I've managed to get all the kids' clothes that were in the living room into their respective boxes, as well as the towels/sheets/etc.

Next on the to-do list for this project (Hey look, Kathi - I'm doing a project! Oh, good Lord, I hope it doesn't take 21 days...), is to gather all the clothes from the rest of the house and sort them into their boxes. Once that's done, I'll go through each box individually, figuring out what's going and what's staying. Multiply that by 5 people.... yeah, nevermind; it may well take 42 days, let alone 21.

the kids' totes, our unsorted clothes, & an empty (for the moment) tote

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Kathi Lipp said...

I am very proud of you - I tell you - projects are addicting...

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