Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yeah, ok, I'll post more - maybe...


So it's the new year and everybody's pitching fits about resolutions, goals, and "promises to myself." Yeah, ok, whatever. I used to play that game, then I figured what's the point of doing something that's just going to make me more depressed anyway?

But I do have this blog, and you do read it (you do read it, right?), and you deserve to have something to read.

So, I'll try to post more frequently. That's as close to a resolution, goal, or blahblahblah that you're gonna get out of me.

To start, I'll tell you the humdrum (Feel free to fall asleep on the keyboard here, but be careful not to drool on it.) of the last week.

The beginning of the week was spent in The Kids Are Out of School *ahem* pleasantness. You know - bickering, screaming, throwing things and fits, and being sent to our rooms. And you should've seen the kids! Just kidding. A little.

Wednesday night, I took the kids up to the church to meet their "Aunt" and "Uncle" - a couple we've known longer than Sarah's been alive that they all adore. They haven't had the chance to go spend the night in a while, so they finally got the opportunity. They went with them Wednesday night after church and Brandon and Sarah will come to church with them in the morning. Bethy couldn't stand to be away from Mama and Daddy that long, so we went and got her this morning. You'd think with the kids being gone that long, we'd get all caught up on sleep. Instead we didn't go to bed until 4am Thursday night/Friday morning.

Media_http3stairscomw_sjyggWe spent the day Thursday hanging around town shopping and eating barbecue at the local famous bbq place, Mack's. Yum, good! That night we watched a few episodes of the Merlin series (and I crocheted). A few minutes before midnight, we turned on the Dick Clark special to watch the ball drop. It was sad to see Dick in his condition, and we toasted him with our sparkling apple cider. I played Wordscraper on Facebook and Michael played on his computer, watching stuff and goofing off.

Just your typical nerdy New Year's Eve.

We slept in Friday morning, and went to get Bethy around 11. We came home, ate lunch, and took a nap. Yes, we're nappers. Go ahead, make jokes - I'll color a picture while I wait...

Done? Ok, moving on.

Media_http3stairscomw_wnmgvMy grandmother invited us over for dinner and we had a lovely meal of black-eyed peas, coleslaw, cornbread, turkey, homemade macaroni and cheese, and zucchini. Then, the highlight of my week - Meme's homemade chocolate meringue pie! Seriously, this is the Absolute World's Best Pie Ever. In the history of baking. In the history of mankind. Trust me on this.

Tomorrow (well, in about seven hours), I'll go to church, have lunch, and take a nap. Sabbath is the one day a week I'm guaranteed a nap. The kids will probably go to my Mom's for the afternoon to get their weekly Grandma Fix. I'm planning to drag everyone to the Christmas lights place in Lindale after Sabbath, so that'll be a nice family thing. We usually take my mom and grandmother, too and make it a whole-family affair. The kids love it, and my heart does, too.

Oh yeah, and yarn will be crocheted. That's a daily thing.

Are you still here? Wow, I'm impressed! Here's your blanket - you can go back to sleep now.


Blossom said...

Heehee... We read it, ALL of it! Thanks for entertaining my daughter and I :)

Crystal said...

Look at me go with real-live readers - yay! Thanks so much for being a loyal reader!

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