Friday, January 29, 2010

The Day That Never Ends


I just realized I haven't posted since this past weekend - oops. I'm tired, my butt hurts from sitting in the same position putting a child to sleep too long, and I'm about to collapse, so I'm gonna be lazy. My best friend sent me an e-mail tonight asking how today went. As I was finishing up my response I realized, "Oh, yeah, that's the kind of stuff I'm supposed to be posting." So that's what I'm doing. This is raw, as I sent it. I may clean it up later, but I may not.

I'm sure you'll survive.

*Update* Realized a bunch of stuff wouldn't make sense to you, so I added explanations in [brackets].

No. There was one at Hobby Lobby, but it didn't open the same way as the one at Scroll, so I didn't get it. [I've been looking for a travel mug that you can scrapbook.]

Dentist - it hurt today where they worked on it, but i think it was because it's in the front of her mouth [We were in Tyler because 7yo Sarah had to get a filling.]

Lifeway - looked around; got flip books for the girls; got Agents of God activity book for Brandon; got color wonder princess coloring book for Sarah's prize; got a multi-tool for Michael

Mall - into Dillard's, up the escalator, around, and down the escalator; bugged by "win a free vacation" villages [time share] lady, got pretzels, ate pretzels

Scroll [Christian book store with a sitting/relaxing area] - Sarah started feeling kind of icky at the mall (didn't finish her pretzel and didn't even mention the cookie place), so she laid on the couch for a few minutes while i looked around, then went back to play with the castle in the kids' section; didn't buy anything (go me!)

Hobby Lobby - looked at crochet hooks and yarn, but didn't get any; got a package of flat-top alligator clips to make bows for the girls; got a half-circle keychain where the ball at one side screws off to see if i could put the Precious Girls Club charms on it for Sarah (i didn't tell her, though; it didn't work :( - i just tried it); looked for felt and/or corduroy flowers to use on bows but didn't find any

Dollar Tree - got 16 big toothbrushes with covers, 15 small toothbrushes with covers (14 after i gave bethy a pink one to replace her toothbrush since she lost it), 12 boxes of regular colgate, and 19 boxes of colgate junior; found 20 fold-up brushes and called you to discuss, but didn't get an answer, so i bought 6 - one of each color (white, black, red, pink, blue, and one purple) [for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes]; bought a pad of construction paper for the kids to make valentine's cards for the kids in hospitals that i heard about on kvne [local Christian radio station]

went straight to pick up brandon from school, came home, wrote my soapbox post, did slide stuff, finished jaylen's blanket, went to praise team practice, came home

sarah was clingy today because of the pain and got annoying toward the end because she refused to speak, so she just grunted, moaned, and pointed like a spoiled princess - really aggravating, but be proud of me - i didn't yell or gripe, just told her she needed to use her words; she passed out between lindale and mineola, but (and this is funny) woke up as we approached brandon's school because she heard brandon heath whoever come on the radio - she had mentioned earlier that she wondered if they (the radio station) had his music

she seems to really enjoy her mommy days :)

ok, i think i'm gonna copy and paste this and make a blog post, lol! [yeah, like that]

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