Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hey, Check This Out

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I swear to you I laugh out loud every time I read a post from Fighting Off Frumpy. Rita is one fununny woman. Who happens to be a mom. Who happens to deal with poop. A lot. Yeah, the link's been over there in my sidebar for a while, but I'm using that Mommy Intuition mojo that tells me you haven't gone to check it out, so, Hey - Check It Out Already!

Karen over at Verbatim (also in my library list over there that you haven't acted upon) is also a funny read. Her unnatural fear of bugs makes for great Twitter fodder. Just ask her about the ginormous bug that invaded her office not too long ago.  Well, besides being funny, Karen is also thoughtful and posts about ways that she and her family help people (cool) and links to other cool and funny sites. Case in point: thx thx thx, in which Leah thanks everything from strangers to inanimate objects every day, and Pleated-Jeans, in which Jeff is funny about everything from ogres to Lost. Be warned: Christianity is not immune to Jeff, so if that offends you... well, then you take yourself too seriously.

I have a lunch date everyday. Well, kind of.  Jaime posts from Prudent Baby everyday around lunch time (I'm guessing that quiet second during nap time at her house), so I get to get my crafty fix then. She's a tutorial maven, and if I ever unbury my sewing machine I'll be stealing making a bunch of stuff from Her Prudentness. And yes, she's on my library list that you haven't read, too.


Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

Aw, I'm not worthy! I feel so special! Thanks for the shoutout, Crystal. :)

Crystal said...

You are So Worthy, girlfriend! (and you're welcome) ;)

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