Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Be Brave, Piglet

So here's the prompt I got today: Where do you go to be brave? Is it your home? The gym? Your journal? Where is the place you are bravest? When are the times you are the most brave?

Sadly, I'm only brave at home. I can stand up to all the world's injustices as home, but step outside my door and I become the female Clark Kent or Peter Parker. I'm working on it, but really, I'm not changing the world here. But I want to. Does that count?


As the saying (or some version of it) goes, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." Ranting at home to my husband, or my kids, or the cat may feel like I'm doing something, but it's not really. Really doing something is going to the person or people that can change what's wrong. My husband can't change the school's policies. My kids can't make churches treat people right. The cat certainly can't (and probably wouldn't if he could because cats don't care as long as they're fed and petted when they want) stop an unconstitutional law from being passed.

Whatever we may see as evil will only be defeated when we - you and me - stand up for what is right. Yeah, it's scary. Yeah, laughter will probably follow us. We may be blown off, scorned, disfellowshipped, or arrested. But truth must out, and as another saying goes,

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