Thursday, December 15, 2011

Counting List

ASL number signs
I've been prompted to write a list or to discuss what kinds of things I count. So I'm making a list of things that I count. I tend to be a counter anyway and find that I count things without thinking, but here are a few things that I'm conscious of counting.

  1. crochet stitches - I count stitches when I start any project, but making hats especially turns me into a counting nut.
  2. train cars (though I'm trying to stop myself from doing that because it makes me woozy)
  3. tea bags - gotta have my tea!
  4. I joked with someone yesterday that I ought to start counting my kids like teachers do to make sure I've got them all!
  5. e-mails - I find myself fascinated with how many e-mails I automatically delete. I'm working on unsubscribing from those that I usually delete, so hopefully I'll stop counting that soon.
So here's another list:
  • Are you a counter? 
  • What do you find yourself counting without thinking? 
  • If you have a counting habit, does your counting habit bother you?
And just in case you're not thoroughly convinced I'm a complete loon, here's one of my favorite childhood songs:

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