Thursday, January 15, 2009

25 Random Things About Crystal

I got tagged on Facebook. Of course, it couldn't be for seven - or even sixteen - things. It had to be for 25. Hope you don't get too bored...

1. My hair is about 2' long and hits my hips.

2. I weighed 95 pounds when I met Michael in July of 2006.

3. My favorite color changed a year or so ago - it's now sage green instead of blue.

4. I want to go to the British Isles before I die.

5. I was a disc jockey in college and loved it. I wanted to do a morning show, but they wouldn't let me.

6. I couldn't sing in high school theatre very well, but could and did sing for church. I'm now considered one of the best voices on the praise team at my church. Guess that's a sign of what kind of singing I should be doing, huh?

7. I like teaching kids.

8. I love school supplies! I have a 18-gallon tote box full of pencils, spiral notebooks, folders, crayons, and glue sticks.

9. I want to learn and become fluent in ASL. I already know some and am working on learning more.

10. I can't wait to earn a sign-name!

11. I love alliteration and puns.

12. Yes, I honestly read the dictionary and enjoy it.

13. I was in theater all through high school and college.

14. I'm only 5' tall.

15. I got third place in the Miss Mineola pageant in high school. I was surprised that I even did it and absolutely shocked that I did so well.

16. I love to cuddle little babies and would like to volunteer in a NICU to hold babies one day.

17. It took over two years to get pregnant with my first child. I thought I was barren; now I have *3* kids!

18. I create 60-80-slide PowerPoint presentations for my church worship service every week.

19. I like to sew.

20. I taught myself HTML coding and started out designing web pages by writing raw code.

21. I love to play Scrabble in person and Wordscraper on Facebook (start a game with me!).

22. I love it when someone else brushes my hair and "plays" with styling it.

23. I collect old books. I love the ones with writing in them.

24. I gave Bethany the middle name Anne after Anne Shirley of the Anne of Green Gables books.

25. I want to learn Gaelic.


Joe said...

I get everything except the Gaelic...really? :D

crystal said...

It goes back to the Irish ancestry. Gaelic is such a narrowly-used language, I'd love to be able to keep it alive.

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