Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hearts for Heroes


I got permission from eMOM via Twitter today to use their logo for a button, so I can upload it for you guys to use. Again, please feel free to download either of these buttons to use on your own site to spread the word!


As you all know from my push of the Holiday Mail for Heroes program, I am a big fan of our service men and women.* My big brother is an Army hero (Hi Kelly, I love you!), so the armed forces hold a special place in my heart. Now I can show the love at Valentine's Day, too! eMOM (eMail Our Military) is already "Go" on the 7th Annual Valentine's from the Heart project - where you can send a Valentine's Day card or an e-mail to a hero.

Can we say, "Hoo-ah"?

So here's the drill, per the eMOM website:

  1. Register with eMail Our Military. The online registration is currently being updated, so you'll need to register by mail. Download the registration form here (pdf file).

  2. Read the "Welcome eMail" you'll receive.

  3. Adopt a Military Service Member to correspond with.

  4. Send your Military Service Member a Valentine's Day card and/or eMail of support.

  5. Encourage a friend, family member or Military Service Member to register too.

  6. Leave a comment so we know you'll be participating.

  7. Spread the word. Share this post.

I'll be working on a button and/or banner for this project tonight, so be sure to check back here for your free graphic to download and use to help spread the word. In the meantime, check out the eMOM post for more ideas and tips for parents and teachers to involve kids.

*That doesn't mean I agree with the circumstances behind them being where they are - I don't get into that. It means I admire and respect those that sacrifice themselves for our country in that way.


Trish | eMOM said...

Thanks so much for helping us reach out to our troops!

Dayngr said...

You are the bomb diggity! It's so awesome that you took the initiative to create these banners to spread the word. We appreciate you and how you support the troops.

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