Sunday, August 20, 2006

House Ho-hums

Ever get bored looking at your house?? I do on a regular basis, but when your brain is mommified, coming up with ideas is hard.? Enter Home Improvement Ideas.??This guy's got ideas for everything from backyards and bathrooms to vacation homes and windows.?

Okay, so who has time to take care of kids and a vacation home??

But Home Improvement Ideas?does save you some time from doing all the research yourself.? With new ideas posted daily, you're bound to find something that sparks your interest within a few days.?

Sure, some of them are outrageous, but the Tree Coat Rack?gives your brain a boost of creative-juice-flow for coming up with your own ideas.? Then again, the Sports Gear Holder?looks to be a great deal, and the Lady Bug Shower Hooks are just plain adorable (there are more styles to choose from the post tells us).

For the mommified homeowner, there's a whole category of tips.? And for the wallets that can't afford bad judgement calls, check out the reviews category.? All in all, Home Improvement Ideas?is just that - ideas, resources, tips, and reviews in one handy blog.

Now, where's the babysitter so I can drool for a few hours?

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