Sunday, August 27, 2006

Love on the Rocks

So I watched "The Wedding Date" tonight (good movie, by the by) and got to thinking about different kinds of weddings.? I got married in my mom's backyard under the tree.? Michael and I once went to a wedding at a conservation park.? My uncle in Florida got married overlooking the beach.? I just saw pictures the other day of an underwater wedding - who knew those existed?!

Being a theme nut, I like to think of ways to incorporate the theme in clever ways.? I pictured for a beach wedding tying tiny little sand dollars?onto the ribbons of the bouquets and sprinkling them on tables like confetti with a little bit of sand along the middle of the table.? If the bride is crafty, she could make (or if not, commission) charm bracelets for the ladies of the bridal party with sand dollars?dangling from them.? Ooh - what if you froze (clean) sand dollars?in ice for the punch bowl?

Well, you see what I mean...

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