Friday, August 25, 2006

Level Master

So Brandon's on a game kick and runs around the house talking about playing "The Game" and what level he's on now.? Don't ask me what "The Game" is or to describe the object of it....I'm not sure he knows.? I think it might be a combination of video games and his Leapster games.

Well now we can add a new dimension of levels.? Brandon's teacher was testing the students individually this week on their reading skills.? I learned that the average first-grader is somewhere between levels 3 and 6.? Brandon breezed past those, and since she knows him (we attend the same church), she decided to experiment and see how far he could get before he got frustrated.?

Are you ready for this?

22!? She said she made him stop after the first page, even though he actually wanted to try to finish the story!

I asked her what level she was going to start him on, and she said 16 because there's another child in the class at about that level and she wants him to have a reading partner like the rest of the class.? She also said that the stories are "easier to digest," since I'm not sure that his comprehension is at the same level as his basic reading ability.??Based on what she said, though, it sounds like he could probably be at a level 20 or 21.

I knew the kid's smart, but wowza!

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