Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Closet Teacher Wannabe

I have a confession to make:? I'm a teacher wannabe.? I love schools.? I loved them when I was in them.? I love them more now.? Especially primary schools - the miniature tables and chairs, the posters everywhere, and the bulletin boards - oh, how I love the bulletin boards!!?

I've always wondered where schools get those cool chairs, the wonderful cubbies and closets, and those awesome book pyramids.? Now I know!? The non-credentialed, closet teachers can now deck out their homes with school furniture!? Find everything from activity tables?and entry organizers that look like they were made for homes to a leather wastebasket and a really comfy-looking bed wedge (don't ask me why it's school furniture - it just is and it's just cool!).

Look out, world!?School Furniture?isn't just for teachers anymore!

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