Sunday, August 27, 2006


As I've mentioned, I have an eBay habit. I've gotten a travel system, two car seats, a sewing machine, a serger, and countless other treasures there. Recently, I've missed the end of several auctions. UGH!

To quote Madame Blueberry, "No more!"

My new shopping buddy, an automatic eBay bidder, is an eBayer's dream. Import auctions and messages from My eBay, and even search and bid without even opening the eBay site! The coolest thing? No spyware. It's like having my own personal assistant that does nothing but eBay for cool is that?

Oh, and check this out - auto bidding groups. Watching several auctions for the same item? This automatic eBay bidder will automatically bid for you and follow your directions to bid or not bid on following auctions in the group based on whether or not you won the first one. Ai, Mami, I think I'm in love!!! This is perfect for all those auctions I'm watching for Blue's Clues videos (Sarah's on an obsession).

There's a planner that automatically enters the auction ends for you, and you can even see how many postives the seller has! Check out the to-do list (get a life) and the calendar - auction dates are marked so you know if one's coming up at a glance.

Oh yeah, Mommy's going shopping!

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