Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Take a Webride

Ever want someone to check out some of your favorite websites, but didn't want to just send a random list of links in an e-mail?? How 'bout commenting on why you like the sites in your list????Take your friends, family, and complete strangers on a webride.?

Wanna take a great (albeit short) webride on?attachment parenting?? Check out Baby A-Go-Go, my?new webride a la Trail Fire.? It's a new plug-in that allows you to mark your favorite websites with comments, then send users on a guided tour of your making.? With a few simple clicks while visiting the sites you love anyway, you've created what Trail Fire?calls a trail, and what I've dubbed as a webride.?

Make one out of your favorite sites, or make a research journey.? I can see this as a great tool for education - instructors can send students on a virtual field trip.? It's got implications for students upwards of 4th or 5th grade, homeschoolers, unschoolers, and?university students.? Employers can send employees on a webride to get ideas for projects, stake out the competition, or compare supply companies.?

The possibilities are really endless, and with its ease of use and accessibility, it's no wonder it's called Trail Fire.

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