Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The "Crack" is In!

For years, chiropractors have gotten a bad rap.? Often referred to as quacks, new-agers, and fake doctors, they've settled for helping hippies and those who didn't have insurance to go see a "real" doctor.? They kept hope alive that one day, we'd see the light...

The times they are a-changin'.

Now, physical therapy in New York (the "it" spot for up-and-coming medicine) includes Chiropractic as a matter of course.? Your chiropractor now holds the credibility and authority that once belonged only to MDs and dentists.? Ringing in the ears?? You could just as easily be treated by a chiropractor as an MD.? For me, I chose chiropractic and have realized a great improvement - all without inundating my body with chemicals and risking side effects (not to mention worrying about nursing the baby with that stuff in my system).? For the chemical- and needle-phobic, the crack of the chiropractor's adjustment is the hottest thing going.

I've always suffered from headaches that can stop me in my tracks for the rest of the day.? Now, they're a reminder to visit my chiropractor.? I wait for those luscious cracks as he adjusts the vertabrae in my upper neck that were damaged years ago in a car accident.? That "crack" has got it!? Within an hour, I'm good as new.? Now lest you be frightened of the aural experience, not every adjustment is accompanied by an audible crack or pop.? It just so happens that mine is so gloriously equipped.

And never fear that Chiropractic is akin to the massage of yesteryear - children and even newborns can enjoy the benefits of chiropractic just as they can massage.? Little Johnny gets earaches frequently, but you hate the idea of wait-and-see, let alone antibiotics?? Every time my children complain of earaches, we immediately go see "Dr. Johnny" (he's become a family friend that the kids adore).? Usually, no further treatment is needed beyond a little pain reliever for a day or two.? Not too shabby for a fun-filled trip to the chiropractor's office and "ride" on the reclining table.? I'll take it over the tantrum from the idea of the possibility of getting a shot at the "regular" doctor's office any day.

?Wouldn't you?


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