Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Buy Nothing Day!

So the fourth Thursday of November is always Thankgiving.? The Friday after Thanksgiving has a variety of names, most notably, Black Friday. Ever wonder why?? Fun Advice has an answer from a guy that mentions the slave trade before the Civil War, but I've never heard it anywhere else and?there's absolutely no evidence given.? Wikipedia and a host of other reputable sites explain that it's the day that retailers traditionally began to finally operate "in the black," making a profit for the year.

My personal favorite is "Buy Nothing Day."? I like the sound of that - avoiding an early morning, rude people, and buying things that have no value whatsoever except that it was "a really good deal."? I first learned about it at Holiday Insights?and included it in our primary school's crazy calendar.? Checking Wiki for Black Friday, though, actually mentions Buy Nothing Day.

Wow, it's bigger than I thought.? According to Wiki, it was created by a guy named Ted Dave, a Vancouver artist, activist and actor who was tired of consumerism and decided to protest with his money.? Well, without it, actually.? He made a bunch of posters and encouraged people to not shop on the last Friday of November back in 1992.? In the 14 years since its Canadian birth, BND has spawned a slew of international sites, a song, and even a couple of churches.? I think I'll just stick to, "I like the thought because I get to be lazy."

Whatever your motivation for celebrating it, Happy Buy Nothing Day!

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