Monday, November 27, 2006

What I Did for Thanksgiving

We went camping to see my mother-in-law for the holiday.? Sounds like fun, eh?? Well, let's see here...what does that entail?? Here's my list:

  1. Plan menu and packing list to make sure I don't forget anything.

  2. Shop for needed items on aforementioned list.

  3. Locate the rest of the items on aformentioned-aforementioned list.

  4. Pack for 3 days and 3 nights for five people (four by the end, because Michael actually packed his own clothes).

  5. Load (cram is actually a better word) van with ridiculously huge amount of stuff to be "roughing it."

  6. Attempt to get children to "go" before we go so we don't have to stop a block down the road.

  7. Travel 3 hours by car with a one-year-old (Ms. "Get Me Out of This Carseat"), a four-year-old (Ms. "I'm Hungry"), and six-year-old (Mr. "I'm Talking and I Can't Shut Up").

  8. Check into the camp and pay $4 for?three pieces of firewood and no kindling in a place that forbids gathering firewood.

  9. Hastily unload the car because you're late, then reload it with the necessities to go eat with aforementioned children, including a high chair and spare change of clothes for each one.

  10. Make everyone trek to the bathroom to "go" again before you head out on your 30 minute journey to dinner.

  11. Cram 3 adults and 3 children around a table no bigger than 30x48 in a 12x12 kitchen occupied by an early-1900's wood burning stove?(I must interject here that it was really good.? We had BBQ chicken instead of the traditional turkey, and I think I could've eaten the whole thing had I not been making a pig of myself with the Kraft stuffing.).? Some would call it an?"intimate dining experience."

  12. Make another 30 minute trek back to camp and set up in the dark.? It was a screened shelter with a light, though, so it wasn't as bad as it sounds.

  13. Pass out at 9:15.

  14. Wake every other hour with the crying one-year-old between you because you didn't have room for the playpen.

And that was just Thursday...

Still sound like fun?

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