Monday, November 27, 2006

Quote: "Blah, blah, blah."

My auto insurance premiums seem to rise steadily with each renewal, so I've been shopping around and getting quotes, which led me to hades.? Well, they call it Free Insurance Quotes.

Ha! Free, my foot!

Okay, so no money outlay, but time?? Oy, make sure you've got lots of it.? The first page of the form says, "It only takes about 4 minutes to fill out the following form for Free Auto Insurance Quotes."? True - it takes precious little time to fill out the information.? Be sure you have your VINs on hand, though.? Yeah, they want everything.? The little lock is closed, so it's technically safe, but remember, they'll be giving your information to the companies they work with to find your quote.

Oh yeah, quote.? You don't get one.?

You get four bajillion e-mails and phone calls from agents to give you your quote... after they've asked you all the same information you've already given again.? And sorry, but I don't give out my social security number when I haven't initiated the phone call, so most of them were a bust.

So did I actually get any quotes?

One - for over $200 more than what I'm paying now.

Save yourself some time and money - go to Farmers Insurance.

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