Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Mortgage Mortification

We're on the "we're buying the house" swing again.? The landlord wants about twice as much as the house is worth, since he can't figure out how to calculate interest.? Add in the fact that he has no understanding of tax valuation, and we're in the forest of "I'm the owner and I can do what I want, but I don't realize that I'll never sell the house."? Our credit is shot (thanks to an ex-husband and MLM fraud - NEVER join one [more on that later]), so owner financing is about our only option.

We tried to buy a house a few months ago.? It was a nightmare.? Just when we thought (thanks to the realtor) we'd be able to do this American Dream thing, we get the paperwork.? You wouldn't believe all the extra fees, payments, blah, blah, blah that are in those papers!? I wish we'd known more about mortgages when we did it. We wouldn't have looked like such big idiots.?

Mortgages?are explained in depth at Every kind of mortgage you can think of is defined in great detail, and anything you may share with the site is protected by SecureTrust, which complies with several different privacy regulation sets like the FTC and DoNotCall, among others.? I especially appreciate the pre-qualified versus pre-approved loan page.? We decided we'd get a pre-approved loan before we'd try to buy again.? Luckily, it turns out we were on the right track - but it was sheer happenstance.? I learned, though, that getting pre-qualified is actually our first step.

Anyway, check it out - save yourself some mortgage mortification.

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