Monday, November 20, 2006

Viral Love

I like being a little on the fringe.? Anything from extended breastfeeding and co-sleeping to blogging and viral marketing is fair game for me.? My passionate views tend to be controversial, which is why I love PayPerPost.? It's a genius idea, but the majority just don't get it.??The opportunities are varied, the pay is good on most?of them (but Ted's working on that), and despite what good ol' Arringdumb rants, the vast majority of them are neutral.? You promote something, you get paid for it.

Hey wait, isn't that what commercials are?? And what about all the adverticles spread all over the web?? Same idea - just?a?lot more aggravating.? Let?me tell you, I cannot stand?finding what I initially think?is a great resource site of articles on how to save money, get things free,?get?tough stains out, etc. only to find?a stinkin' bargeload of adverticles!? Somebody tug it off!

Sorry, my soapbox jumped underneath me there for a minute....

Anyway, PayPerPost is simply what women have done for centuries - only now we get PAID to do it.

Knock, knock....Hello?!


And this is a bad thing......why?

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