Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Keep That Wallet Fat!

I love internet shopping...maybe a little too much. But that's why I love Oriental Trading Company. They have great deals on all those little novelties that I love. Even better, they've begun carrying what they call "Go Gifts," great gifts ranging from 3 or 4 dollars to 20 or 25. It's like a clever little gift basket (which I love) that you didn't have to go to four million stores to gather together.

I especially love shopping there when I've found some Oriental Trading coupon codes. Hey, the more I get for my money, the happier I am; and the happier I am, the happier everyone else is, right? I rarely shop without coupons, even on the Internet. It only makes sense to take advantage of a good deal whenever possible, and it helps me to be a better steward.

And honey, when your income is as low as ours is, being a good steward is essential to having electricity.

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