Monday, November 27, 2006

You're Unique, Just Like...Hey, You Are!

Being a word processor (typist, typesetter, virtual assitant, get the idea) by trade, I pride myself on finding creative ways to present information.? That probably explains why I absolutely cringe when I see someone pimping themselves or their products as "creative!" or "unique!" or "unlike any other!" when they've got the same exact thing I've seen in countless other places except for the color.? Ooohhh...there's some uniqueness!?

So imagine my surprise when I check out these custom wedding invitations. I'm expecting to be able to proclaim as one of my favorite Incredimail backgrounds does, "You're unique - just like everyone else!"?

But guess what?? They actually are unique.? With funky asymetrical designs, cutouts, diecut shapes, and even the taboo red, you're actually going to find something you haven't seen anywhere else before.? Flip-flop invitations, anyone?? How about snowflakes for your winter wedding?? And these are elegant invitations - not some hokey "I'm-too-cheap-to-buy-real-invitations" invitations.? We're talking foil accents, beautiful fonts, and custom folds here.

Lest you traditionalists worry, you'll find gorgeous and sophisticated designs, too.? You've got your embossed frame?and rose, double-ring, and even Precious Moments to choose from, among a host of others.

Michael and I have discussed getting remarried for our tenth anniversary next year.? With this site, I may just have to plan that...

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