Sunday, May 7, 2006

And you are...?

I like to think I'm funny.? Occasionally, I'm right.? I've often had those moments where some part of your brain steps outside of the situation for a minute and watches what's going on, and found that I was surrounded by a group of laughing women.?

The amazing thing is that they were laughing about what I was saying.? It's at those times that little part of my brain says, "You could be a stand-up comic.? Look, you're already doing it."? Those are some of my most free moments.? When I'm just talking about the craziness of life and telling the stories we all share but don't think are funny as they're happening.? I like the thought of being intelligent and funny.

Hmmm, I think that's what witty means.? So, okay - I wanna be witty.? And sometimes I appear to be.

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