Sunday, May 21, 2006

Assistant Mom

Sarah is the real mom, apparently. The drone of, "You're not the Mommy, I'm the Mommy" is getting a little old. I wouldn't mind if it was to her baby dolls - go for it, girl. It's her older brother that gets me.

And man, this girl's on top of it. The backpack and shoes after school, the dirty laundry, keep the door open (when it's convenient for her), you name it, this girl's on her brother about it. Of course, he obeys her about like he does me, but with indignation. "You're not my Mom!" Her response? "Mom, he's not obeying!" I'm apparently just back-up.

Tonight she came and wanted us to tie her blanket around her neck like a superhero, so Daddy did. A minute later we hear quiet muttering from her room - she's not happy. The problem? She wanted it in the front. What? She was making supper for her baby and needed it in front. Oh! - an apron! She wants to be like me! She wants to wear an apron and cook and wash dishes. She has the desire to do housework!

Hope it's still there when she's old enough to actually do it.

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