Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lackidaisical Leftovers

I'm on a?Christian Frugality?Yahoo group.? This was one of the posts about leftovers.? It was too good not to preserve for prosperity...and too close to home to not be included!? Thanks, Debbie!
Here's my system for leftovers...very reliable.?

1)? Put two pieces of broccoli in small container, thinking "I hate to waste this. The baby will eat it tomorrow."

2)? Each day, push the container a little farther back into the fridge.? This really takes no effort at all.

3)? A week or two later, when there is a terrible smell coming from the fridge, go through all the contents to find the little container of broccoli.? It won't look a bit different, but the odor is horrid.?

4)? Realizing that this same thing happens every time, vow never to save the two little bites of broccoli.

5)? Break the vow the next time there are two little bites left.? After all, this shouldn't go to waste, and the baby would love to eat it.? ;-)

Blessings, Debbie (who probably should stay quiet when she's up too late ;-)

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