Sunday, May 14, 2006

Prozac Moment

Ever think to yourself, "This is a Prozac moment?"

I have.? Several Brandon got his hair cut for summer...and so I wouldn't have the temptation to grab him by the hair of the head and toss him to Kingdom Come.

Yep, it's been one of those days.


How do we get through those days?? Pull out our hair? Scream?? Cuss?? Beat the children?? All of the above?? I have a vision of Bill Crosby.? "Let the beatings begin!"


In Parentopia, these days don't happen.? In the really bad moments, Mommy says very calmly, "Children, Mommy needs a few minutes of quiet time, please.? I love you!" then goes to her room for some deep, calming breaths and returns happy and serene.? Then we wake up and realize that Parentopia is a far away dreamscape way beyond the second star to the right and on to morning.

It's more like second galaxy to the left and on till next millenium....


Then you're halfway there.

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