Monday, May 29, 2006

Feeding Frenzy

Bethy has begun eating cereal in earnest now.? We're still on rice cereal - next week we'll be graduating to oatmeal.?

Feeding babies is like running the gauntlet:? Dodge the hand grabbing for the spoon - ooh, watch the other hand!? The mouth is in sight....*crash* the head plops forward in an attempted mouth-dive for the spoon and the food lands squarely...between the eyes.

The funniest thing is though, that after each bite - okay, sometimes during the bite - she must suck her thumb.? Does it help her swallow?? Does it add flavor?? Is it some neurosis that she'll go to therapy about someday and discover the root of which is her mother's abnormality?

Who knows, but for now it's really darn cute...

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