Monday, May 15, 2006

My Blue Heaven

Do you like the color blue?? I used to.? Now I loathe it.

You see, blue is bad at Brandon's school.??You start the day with a green dot.? The first infraction is a yellow, second is red, and third is blue.? Get 4 blue dots in a six weeks and you miss Super Effort.? Super Effort is the good citizenship program.? This six weeks they're having a big water day.? The fire truck is coming.? He's known this all along.? Apparently he doesn't care.

We've tried everything.? Every privilege we can think of has been taken away in an effort to motivate this kid to behave at school.? Every prize we can think of has been offered.? What do we get in return?

Ninja in the bathroom and talking in the classroom.

Maybe if I tie him to the ceiling by his toes...oh, no, can't do that...

then I'd miss Super Effort.

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