Friday, May 12, 2006


It's amazing to see yourself as you really are...

Ok, ok - excruciatingly scary.

As I watch Sarah play "Mommy" I see how twisted I must be....

I take that back. She's a twisted little girl. I turned around to see her hitting herself in the forehead with a plastic baby block and laughing. And she's in full ballerina regalia. And there are 7 baby dolls spread around a quilt on the floor in pairs. "They're just laying down 'cuz they're tired," she says. And she's giving her baby sister her block back and making goofy faces and noises at her.

Ok, maybe I am twisted and I am training her.? Now she's sweeping the floor....

wait a minute...that's not me!? Who's doing the training here?

That trite cliche' about learning things from your kids is springing to mind. How do kids seem to know automatically what we're supposed to do? And how do we sometimes lose that knowledge as we age (it seems to start with puberty)?

My theory is that God put it there, but as children get older and the propensity for sin gets stronger, we pull away from the good.

It's the same as other childish desires. "Who wants to read anymore now that I've discovered television?" or "Why would I want to watch TV anymore now that I've discovered video games?"

Just as we get bored with parenting on occasion, our children get bored with the hum-drum of play parenting so they move on to something else.

And as for starting at puberty? Well, have you ever known a teenager that knew how to use a broom, swipe a dish, or pick up his dirty clothes?

Me, either.

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