Monday, September 18, 2006

AdSense Pre Mortem

There are tons of ways to make money?online.? Bloggers are getting more and more options these days, which is a good thing.? Like all great ideas though, there is an evolution.?

Exibit A:?Ad Sense

Easy?? Somewhat, once you get the coding down.? Relevant?? Most of the time.? A cash cow?? Hardly.? It took us over a year with almost a dozen websites to make the minimum $100 required for them to cut a check.? Then we had to wait for it in the mail.


Exhibit B:? PayPerPost

Easy???Yes for good bloggers, mostly for?those blogging just to make money?- you have to think to create a quality post.? Relevant?? Yes and no - It's up to the blogger to determine the level of relevancy to the rest of the blog in question.? A cash cow?

MOO, baby!? Try $95 in less than a month - and that's with me being a lazy depressed woman.

You decide.

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