Monday, September 4, 2006

Same War, Different Battlefield

"So do you make money blogging?"? Get ready - the question will be asked of you soon.? If you have a blog, you've no doubt been bombarded with the propaganda for and against PayPerPost.? If you read my blog, you've no doubt realized which side I'm on (the one that pays).

It's all about the age-old war that's been waged for centuries: ?who has the right to form the social consciousness - the bluebloods that were supposedly there when it all began (a viewing of A Knight's Tale blows that theory out of the water), or the commoners who live the daily grind?? Those of us with common sense already know the answer.? Let me answer it with a question:? what's the best form of advertising?? Answer?? All together, now: word-of-mouth.

While the vast majority of Internet users will never hear of the PayPerPost war and will never be "tarnished" by the insurgent paid posts its followers churn out in droves, the people have indeed spoken.? One look at a celebrity-laden television commercial drives home the point that people will promote what they're paid to promote.? So have the noncybergeeks really been concientious objectors in all this?? Not in a million years - they just fight on different battlefields - like television, radio, magazines (got milk?), and the like.?

History proves that the most influential wars of all time have been ones in which the underdog fought the elitest and caused a paradigm shift of values and beliefs in society.? Think of the Bastille, Scotland, and the good ol' US of A.? Progress comes by questioning the status quo and revolting against those that dictate our beliefs to us.

And as Dan Rua says, "Viva la Revolucion!"

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