Thursday, September 28, 2006

Busy Little Bee

Okay, if for nothing else, you've got to see this Self Storage Directory - The first thing I noticed was this bee that looks kinda dopey...until you read the little thought bubble.? It says "Moving dot bzzz!"? This dude's conceitedly clever!

Oh yeah, I love it already.?

The sting (sorry...but not really!)?comes when you realize that behind its really cute mascot is a well-rounded site that covers the entire moving experience - not just self storage.? It covers everything from a Six-Week Checklist for a Smooth Move?to an International Moving Guide.? These guys even list DMVs by state!

Moving with kids?? Tied down.? Moving plants?? No watered-down info here.? Rights and responsibilities while moving?? You can't go wrong.? Want to save money?? Call Uncle Sam.

Whatever you do when you decide to move, check out you get bzzy.

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