Thursday, September 28, 2006

The New Movie Genre

There's a new movie genre that's crept in while we plopped our children in front of the video playback machine of our choice: the animated film. It's not for kids. It's animated, but it's not for kids. Some of them are rated G, some are not.

But "for children" isn't always based simply upon a rating. Look at the plot, the context, the message. It started with movies like Treasure Planet and Atlantis. The genre has exploded now with offerings like Madagascar, Shark Tale, and Over the Hedge. How many kids are really gonna get all the nuances of a story like Treasure Island? And really, how much of the story survived the modernization and rewrite? Chicken Run, Chicken Little - they're a little foul (sorry, couldn't help the pun).

Listen, really listen, to these movies. How many times did you laugh at a line that your child didn't laugh at because you got it and your child didn't?

Congratulations! You're a winner in the "Identify Animated Films for Adults" game!

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