Monday, September 25, 2006

Modern Money

Well, my first affiliate stop landed me at CPA Network, a Texan company, so you know it's got to be good!? They work with both advertisers and affiliates, so they've figured out how to bring both together efficiently and?- most importantly - productively (read money).?

There's a blog with articles on just about every aspect of affiliate marketing you can think of, and living up to its name appears to be a primary focus.? That looks good to me - I like companies that can deliver.? This one's going at the top of my list.

But why affiliate marketing anyway?? It uses your knowledge to help three people:? you, the company you're marketing for, and the consumer that clicks on your link.? It's a win-win-win.?

As mentioned in a previous post, word-of-mouth is the best advertising.? What does that mean to affiliate program users?? Big bucks.? Companies know the word-of-mouth rule, and are willing to pay a lot of money to those that recommend them.

Need another reason?? How about making money without changing out of your pajamas, or even getting out of bed?? Affiliate marketing allows women that want to stay home with their children to do so without sacrificing the income that would be there if they worked outside of the home.? For just a few hours' work each week, many women are actually bringing more money into the home since the income isn't being eaten up by childcare costs, wardrobing, lunches, and transportation expenses.

Here's another:? not having to deal with checks and where to cash them, since many programs use PayPal or other online payment companies....then getting cash back!? I use PayPal at every opportunity, then use my debit card to the account to make purchases.? PayPal gives me cash back on every debit card purchase - 1.5%.? That means I make even more money.

So, anybody else going to CPA Network?with me?

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