Thursday, September 21, 2006


Did you ever wonder where your life went?? How about the age-old "who am I?"? I've been going through a bit of an identity crisis lately.? It seems every time I turn around someone's asking me if I am teacher, was a teacher, why aren't I a teacher, why don't you become a teacher....? You think Someone's trying to tell me something?

The thing is - am I supposed to homeschool or teach other people's kids?? And I'm not sure I want a job right now.? Or ever, for that matter.? But then why do I have the gnawing inside that wants to finish my degree?? I feel like it's too late.? I've made my choice - I'm a mom.? Why waste thousands of dollars to get a degree just so I can say I finished something for once in my life?? It seems that I could accomplish that without spending so much money.? But what?

Hey, I know -

I'll finish a package of cookies!!!

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