Sunday, September 3, 2006

Where's Cinderella When You Need Her?

Okay, so I get paid for blogging, but I've been thinking a lot lately about something I'd pay to get done.? I have wood floors in my kitchen, living room, and hallway - and they're a pain in the tushie to keep clean.? Hence, they are currently a little on the get-your-feet-dirty-when-you-walk-on-them side.? Okay, okay - they've moved to the far end of that side.?

I actually paid someone to do it a few weeks ago...unfortunately our definitions of clean apparently differ.? Hers was "swipe it with the swiffer all over" while mine is "the dirt spots are gone," but true to my can't-stand-up-for-myself style I didn't demand restitution.? So now I'm in the same situation: one dirty floor, one very unmotivated woman, and a possible ad in the paper.? I'm thinking something like, "Cinderella needed to scrub wood floors - no Prince Charming, but nice check."

Wanna answer it?

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