Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Mother of All Monuments

PayPerPost founder Ted Murphy is an average guy.? An average rich guy.?

Okay, so I'm lying.? Who else can you think of that would put together a program that allows stay-at-home moms to make money by actually using their brains and reminding humanity (and more importantly themselves) that they are intelligent, important contributions to our world?? Yeah, that's what I thought.?

Yet somehow, that's just what Ted Murphy did.? Wanting to do something productive with his money, he went online searching for some way to help encourage stay-at-home moms.? His own mom had always stayed home with him, and he saw how she craved adult interaction and conversation.? He also saw how happy she was when one of her freelance articles helped bring money into the family.? She finally felt like she was really contributing to the household.

Reading hundreds of blogs from these unsung heroes, Ted's memories of his mother led to an epiphany:? why not pay these women to put ads on blogs?? He had always been amazed at how influential women are - they are the ultimate marketers.? Want to know what dish soap really gets the grease off of those pans?? Ask the stay-home mom that washes dishes from three meals each day.? Which tub cleaner makes the job easier in real life, not just commercials?? Ask the SAHM next door.

So PayPerPost was born.? And Ted Murphy's just your average, ordinary rich guy that has made his life an ongoing homage to his mother's memory.

Sounds too good to be true....

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