Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Not to Be Ugly, But...

I love comedy. I love to laugh. I don't like to laugh at the expense of other people. I was watching a stand up comic tonight and the phrase, "not to be ugly, but" kept coming up. It's like some magic phrase that says, "It's okay to laugh at this person because I've said the magic 'It's okay' words." Ask the person or group that the joke's about if it suddenly became funny after you said, "Not to be ugly, but..."

Yes it is to be ugly...and it's not funny.

Humor doesn't have to cost anyone "face" and it's possible to make someone laugh without making someone else look bad. That's the humor I like. Unfortunately, it's harder and harder to come by these days. Even many supposed "Christian" comics base the majority of their routines on making fun of someone or some group of people.

The most offensive to me is when "Christian" comics make jokes about other denominations. Now don't get me wrong: Jesus loves laughter. I have no doubt about that...but does He laugh when we point out the differences in segments of the "family" with derision? Not to be ugly, but...I don't think so.

Someone wise (I think it was "Mom" on Rollie Pollie Ollie) once said, "It's no fun if it's not fun for everyone."

It's not funny, either.

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