Monday, October 9, 2006

50-Cent Word Junkie

I read the dictionary for fun.? RefDesk is my friend.? Yes, I use new words in a sentence within a day of learning them.? My favorite place is the library.? I have more books than food items at any given time - even after I've been on a grocery shopping spree.? I've been told more than once that I could (some say should) start a book store.? I refuse to get rid of a book.? I have a box of books in the back of my van that I got for free from a local thrift store.? I just saw a box of books and didn't look at them twice before squealing in delight and picking it up.? I love vocabulary, hate profanity, and actually use words like banter, blather, and vacillate in the course of daily conversation.??I usually have to define a word I've used at least once a week.? I can tell when Michael's been reading my?blog - I'm his new vocabulary source.

It's an aural exhilaration to hear a fresh syllabic homage to language.

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