Monday, October 9, 2006

Money Mojo

It seems that there's a song for everything and everybody.? From adulterers to zebras, and babies in utero to the dead.? TheRiskmaster is a song for today's webophiles.? Making money seems to be the muse for most of us, but I haven't heard a song that actually addressed it.? I like it; it has a slight classic Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers feel to it that makes it a feel good tune.? I found myself refreshing everytime the song ended.

And yeah, it's a little snarky (my word for the week) with the line, "Anyone this rich must have lied."? But really, isn't that how we feel about rich people when we aren't rich?? He's not like us and we're good people, so he must be bad.? I've also found that we have that attitude toward people that come up with a great idea before we do.

Hmm....kinda like Mike Arrington and Rob Hof's view of Ted Murphy.? Maybe jealousy is rearing it's scaly little green head...

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