Monday, October 30, 2006

PayPerPost Payoff

Michael's been into making money online for...well, since he discovered "online."? It seems like every week he's telling me about something else he's seen that's supposed to make "Josie America" rich in her pajamas.? We've tried?quite a few of them.? Okay, he's tried an incredibly insane amount of them.? He's managed to toss me on the bandwagon of a few of them.

So naturally I (inwardly, of course) rolled my eyes when he mentioned PayPerPost.? My first thought when he tells me about something is usually something along the lines of, "How much is this gonna cost us?" but surprisingly, it didn't cost a dime.? No, not even a penny, for you linguistic smarties out there.? The next thing I knew, he said that he had a stash of money in his PayPal account from PayPerPost.? I quickly asked him what on Earth that was and my darling, patient husband explained it yet again.

Writer's block story short, I signed up, started writing (eventually), and now Michael's aggravated at me because I've made $182 since my first payment on October 3 - which is more than he has.? I've got another $118 coming as of this writing,?and?the amount?will only increase day by day.? I've been able to buy gifts for people I love, treat myself and my family, and now I'm saving up for an iPod Nano.

Not bad for a stay-at-home mom in her pjs.

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