Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Smashing Schedule

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.? Most people blow it off, but you shouldn't.? Breast cancer?is a high risk in my family since my great-grandmother died from it.? It's been a constant reminder - Check your breasts - you don't want to end up like Granny, I think.? My grandmother is the most vocal about reminding the women in my family to get checked.? We had a scare last year when she felt a lump in her left breast.? Thankfully, it wasn't cancer and the lump is now gone thanks to treatment.

Early detection is the key to survival.? Breast cancer information abounds, so you have no excuse?for not doing self exams and getting a mammogram.? Annual mammograms are a must for any woman over 50, and they must begin at 40 for women like me that have a family history or high risk of cancer.? I have 10 years for laser mammograms to become commonplace!? All kidding aside, monthly self exams and annual mammograms make more and more women breast cancer survivors than statistics...

So go take your shirt off and touch yourself!

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