Monday, October 9, 2006

TechCrunch-Dee & ARobbing-Dum

Mike Arrington (or is it Arrogant?) and Rob (hop off yer high horse) Hof "interviewed" Ted Murphy and Josh Stein earlier this month.? That's what they called it.? It was more like a propagandizing, mud-slinging, ignorantly accusatory slander-fest about blog advertising.

Cast aside the blatantly condescending attitude of the hosts; forget the leading questions meant to plant myths in the minds of listeners.? If their definition of "civilized" (as they called it in their post about the meeting) is to continually interrupt the guests and to allow your cohort unabridged soliloquies on his own merits as a "real" journalist, I must be a Neanderthal.

Rob blathers on about how ?true? journalists don?t accept payment to promote something, and the deception of not disclosing payment, yet is a hired hand for Business Week.? Hey Rob, how much did they pay you to slam PayPerPost on Business Week Online?? Surely you don?t mean that the big-wigs over at BWO just donated a post to you on their blog so you could get your feelings off your chest?? Oh, they pay you to write about the tech industry?? Gee, Rob, ever hear of editors?

Journalism is the precursor to PayPerPost.?? Since paper and ink were combined and distributed, there have been ?advertisers? paying to have their propaganda spread far and wide.? If it weren?t the case, you wouldn?t have decidedly liberal and conservative publications.? They would all appeal equally to both sides of the fence.? How many conservatives do you know that read American Prospect or Washington Monthly?? How about liberals reading National Review or Human Events?? See how far a piece like ?Five Squandered Years? makes it in the offices of National Review, then tell me journalism isn?t bought.

Then there?s the allegory to Tremor ? getting free stuff to promote it.? Hmmm?.I haven?t received any free products for promoting something off of PayPerPost.? Ted hasn?t even sent me the shirt I asked him to (hint, hint, Ted!), but here I am promoting him and PayPerPost.? Somehow Rob and Mike have completely missed the point of PayPerPost.? Could it be that they really don?t know what they?re talking about?

Oops.? Ignorance rears its ugly head.

Here?s one for the circus:? Mike says if a company is so uninteresting that it can?t get it?s own marketing anyway just because it?s interesting, then it?s probably something we don?t need to know about.? Honk your big red nose if you?ve asked someone where they got something you hadn?t seen before within the last, oh, say minute??

Okay, all vernacular aside:? we?ve all learned about something we didn?t know existed because someone else told us about it.?

Hey, I got a free sample of Betty Crocker?s Seasoned Skillet the other day.? If I make them but don?t tell my husband that I got them free, am I being an unethical, non-disclosing shiller?

PS:? Lest Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum question my ethics, I got paid to be snarky about their ignorant propaganda.

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