Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Alliteration Addict

If you haven't noticed from my post titles, I love alliteration (that's when consecutive words start with the same sound).? I think it's fun to come up with alliterative titles and phrases - it works the linguistic?brain.

Another confession - I have 33 hours towards an English major.? Now you know the secret of my infatuation.? I constantly correct my husband and children in their grammar.? It drives Michael crazy, but he doesn't use "due to" anymore - YES!?

Dr. Roth would be so proud.? He was my professor and mentor at college.? His pet peeve was people using "due to" instead of "because of" because it's incorrect grammar.? To this day, I can't use the phrase, and I can't?see it without thinking of Dr. Roth.

Yeah, I'm sad...

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